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Gunnar Widforss Catalogue Raisonné Project


  Gunnar Widforss painting at Asolomar, 1926

I would like to express my gratitude to the following individuals and institutions who have shared their time, expertise, and inspiration through the course this project:

  • Susanne Durling
  • Deborah Gilbert, Lavinia Schartz, and other members of artist Albert DeRome’s family
  • Sara Ferguson,
  • Bob Glaze
  • Roger Hall, Jack Turner, and all of Ansel Hall's family
  • Glen Knowles
  • Don Lago
  • Brian Magnusson
  • Fredrik Sjöberg, for his immense help and inspiration along the way
  • Karl Anders Sundstrom
  • Bill Willmering and Carol Krueger

The National Park Service and other Organizations

    • Mary Merryman, Emily Bray-Nash, and Steve Mark,
    • Colleen Hyde and Mike Quinn,
    • Brooke Childre,
    • Amalin Ferguson,
    • Ed Nolan,
    • Gwenyth Barrow and Barbara Beroza,

Galleries and Auction Houses

    • Peter Fairbanks,
    • Patrick Kraft,
    • Richard Lampert,
    • Marc Maurie,
    • Mike Overby and Michael Scott,
    • Pedro Westerdahl,
    • Kathy Wong,


    • Nina Anderson
    • Moa Kaufmann
    • Karen Olsen

Financial Support

    • Barbro Osher and the Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation
    • Swedish-American Historical Society
    • All who have made financial contributions to this project

The Widforss Family
My deepest appreciation to the entire Widforss family who have been so helpful and supportive of this project and who have made me feel so welcomed, in particular Peter Selg, and Gunnar Widforss (great-nephew of the artist), for planting the seed that has grown into this project.

My loving and supportive wife Catherine

Gunnar and I thank-you,
Alan Petersen